We Nearly Lost This Treasure Last Night.

Justin Bieber,O2,collapsed,Breathing,hospital,concert,bieblers,Mailonline are reporting that we almost lost the most beautiful thing ever to grace human eyes. Yes, they’re saying that Justin Beiber collapsed on the O2 stage last night after suffering breathing difficulties.

But, you can’t kill Justin Bieber, you can only poke him with a cattle prod, because like a heroic god of war Justin managed to keep his singing face on long enough to keep the screaming hordes from committing mass suicide. After finishing his concert Justin was “rushed” to hospital.

In Biebers defence; he was gasping for breath; In not his defence; why the rushed?

Some people are saying that this was a just another PR stunt from Justin, done simply to get ‘Biebler sympathy’ because they booed his ass on Monday night for showing up late. There are so many things wrong with this, really there are.

Just think, this thing of beauty might have ceased to exist last night and that makes you think about a world without a yodelling teen in thriller pants.

Lets try not think of that world because that is like thinking about a world without ‘lubby dovey lube’.

source: mailonline

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