What In The Name Of G.I. Jane is Posh Beckham Wearing?

Victoria Beckham,Bullet proof vest,wearing,jacket,blue,Victoria Beckham could have a broom handle sticking out of her ass in this picture, and I wouldnt noticed it for five minutes because everything else here is such a frightening mess.

Lets skip past those skinny jeans and the gaunt meth addict look she has on her face and concentrate on that angular “safety equipment” she’s wearing.

Is this really what women will be wearing this season? Bullet proof vests? People who wear bullet proof vests only invite more danger. It’s like putting on underwear made out of meat and then stepping into a lion’s cage.

Bullet proof vests are for cheery detectives investigating massage parlour murders on TV. Bullet proof vests are found in the rough-bitch department at Millets marked with tags shaped like G.I. Jane.

Victoria’s not exactly what I’d call hot but what if she starts a trend with this and women with ginger hair and huge fat tits start wearing them? Having an erection while looking at a woman in a bullet proof vest is not a bridge I’m prepared to cross.

Source: The Sun.

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