Rest In Peace: PAC, The Adorable Hamster.

Rest In Peace,PAC,Hamster,Justin Bieber,died, RIP,PAC, the little ball of complete adorableness is now scurrying around the corn fields of heaven after dying suddenly. His owners, Justin Bieber and Victoria McClure of Albertville Alabama, have no idea what the cause of death was.

Some say it was a mousetrap that took his young life, some say a crafty cat. Some say it was suicide and others say murder.

Lets try not to think about those possibilities because thinking about them will cause the earth to become unbalanced, the world might tip over and everyone would fall off and explode into space dust.

Victoria delivered the sad news via her Twitter feed last night. She was given Pac by Justin Bieber last December when she attended his Jingle Ball in Atlanta. Bieber had met up with a group of fans outside the concert hall and on the spur of the moment decided to give Pac the adorable hamster to Victoria, telling her: “You gotta take care of Pac!”

So Victoria took Pac home with her to Alabama and she looked after him. Until yesterday when this sad-filled notice went up on Victoria’s Twitter:

“Little hamster heaven. He was OUR baby & @justinbieber I still can’t thank u enough thank u guys for what u done for me. Having him [Pac] was truly a blessing & a small beacon of hope! I love u guys!”

I’m not sure if I should take my little spaniel dog Murphy out for a leisurely stroll and pick some wild flowers to stick in his hair so that he could look pretty for the angels. Just in case.

Rest in peace, PAC. Today, I will put some bows in my hair in your honor.

source: 3AM.

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