Alien Nation: Jessie J Shaves Her Head.

Jessie J,Pictures,Shaves,Shaved,head,Hair,comic relief,charity,Well well well, doesn’t bald just accentuate the ugly in a face…. and yet at the same time bald is still a beautiful thing to behold. When she shaved her head Jessie J wasn’t pulling a Britney, she didn’t want to look that horrendous, no Jessie shaved head for charity, Comic Relief, and that makes her beautiful.

Jessie’s head has a nice shape to it too, I guess. I would shave all my hair off for charity, but I’m really afraid of what’s hiding underneath. What if I had a birth mark that spelled out Big Dick? That would make sense (it wouldn’t) and might be kind of hot. Not.


After shaving her head Jessie stepped out on stage during the BBC live show and explained why ‘nothing compares’ to looking like Sinead O’Connor:

“This programme started when I was born. I wanted to shock people. I wanted to do something that wasn’t going to last five minutes and it’s fun.”

and in a tweet to her fans:

“I am soooo thankful to everyone who has donated @rednoseday and supported me tonight! My heart is filled with happiness! Lets make a change! X”

Shaving your hair off for charity is good thing and it’s good for business too. Now that she’s done it you can expect to see Jessie’s head under a variety of wigs on the cover of all the weekly glossies. They’ll be one for every mood. A Marilyn Monroe wig, a blue wig and a long, blonde wig. Yes a shaved head sells records!

Source: mailonline

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