Who Is Following Chantelle Houghton?

Chantelle_Houghton_followedWatching a young woman jump whenever she hears a car backfire may be fun for some people but it’s scaring the life out of Chantelle Houghton. I know Chantelle can be a bore, spending her time watching cooking programs and knitting, but she says she’s scared out of her wits. She says she’s being followed.

It’s easy for me to sit here and stamp her with a “paranoid” label but for Chantelle this is very real. We heard only last week how she’d installed high tech intruder alarms all over her house and now we’re hearing why.

Writing for her New! magazine column Chantelle said:

“It’s a scary time right now as I’m aware I am being followed by people. It’s been happening for at least six weeks.

They’re definitely not paparazzi – they don’t have cameras and never get out of their cars.They just sit and watch me; outside my house, in the supermarket, wherever I go.

It’s extremely frightening and has happened several times this week. I’m a strong person, but, as any mother would agree, it is not a situation I want myself or Dolly in.

People have been really kind to me about it, so I want to thank them.”

Via: The Sun/New! Magazine

I always feel sympathy when I see someone else struggling with paranoia in the way that I do. Right now I’m still working on my first cup of coffee. My partner, HiDs usually makes it for me because I get distracted between the coffee, the milk and the sweetener.

On my own it takes me like forever to turn Maxwell House into something drinkable. HiDs can do it, like everyone else, in less than a minute. Right now I’m stuck between the coffee and the milk and wishing she was here/or that I liked black coffee.

I don’t know what I’d do if I thought someone was watching me.

Source: The Sun via New!

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