Divorce: Meet Danielle Semaan, The Patron Saint Of Gold-Diggers.

Daniella Semaan,Cesc Fabragas,Elie Taktouk, divorce,settlements,court,gold-digger,Get down on your knees, Heather Mills and worship at the feet of the new patron saint of gold diggers. Release that gold smoke from your chimney, David Furnish because a new Pope of gold diggers has now been appointed. Send down your beaming smiles from heaven, Anna Nicole Smith for a magical troll doll has just become a new beacon of hope to gold-diggers everywhere.  Yes, bow your heads to Daniella Semaan.

When you’ve over filled your stomach with sex-on-the-beach cocktails they shuffle you off to A&E. With a name like Semaan, Daniella knows exactly what an A and E  can do for a girl and she knows all about cocktails too.

My current cocktail of choice today has to be the ‘tale of a cock‘ called Cesc Fabregas who frolicked on a beach with a gold mining princess named Daniella Seaman. (typo it stays) At the time Daniella was happily married to London-based, millionaire businessman, Elie Taktouk, with whom she has two children.

When Elie saw paparazzi pictures of his wife enjoying sex on the beach (cocktails you fool) with Cesc his Lebanese b-hole simply exploded – with rage. He told his lawyers to serve quits on that bitch with immediate effect.

And so it came to pass that last month Elie and M/S Seaman stood before a High Court judge in London to argue who would be financially responsible for taking care of a gold-digger and her babies in the future.

Elie said it wasn’t going to be him since he’d put an anti-cheating clause into their prenup, which stated he wouldn’t be giving her any of his millions if he ever caught her hopping onto another man’s peen. As far as he was concerned Cesc Fabragas was the man who should take care of her nasty ass, because he was exactly the kind of illicit peen he was talking about.

M/S Seaman said that was the kind of desperate bollocks a Lebanese Waffle House waiter would serve up to an Israeli tourist. Just because she’d broken that anti-cheating clause, it didn’t mean she could get on the phone and tell her builders to go ahead and encrust the bottom of her swimming pool with diamonds and then paint her boudoir in liquid platinum. No sir. Cesc she told the judge, was as poor as a unemployed hoodrat.

Well, I don’t know if he’d  been watching a special episode of Judge Judy v The Hoodrats or something because that High Court judge agreed with everything M/S Seaman was saying. He ruled that Elie must sell a £7 million flat in Belgravia in order to give his gold-digging ex-wife the £1.4m she’d told the court that she needed in order to buy a new home in London.

Imagine then how Elie must have reacted when a month later he received a £5.4 million bid for the property from a company based in Barcelona — and that company belonged to Cesc Fabregas. See below.



source: mailonline

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