The Continuing Sex-Ventures Of Rita ‘Peddlesass’ Ora.

Sluts,Rita Ora,Peddlesass,DJ Calvin Harris,Later today all the grass will die, birds will commit mass suicide, the clouds will explode and children will turn to dust. And it’s all the fault of Rita Peddlesass Ora and her latest slap and chomp victim.

You know, there was a rumour going around the internet that after chomping on Rob Kardashian, Dave Gardner and Luke Magill, Peddlesass had started rubbing her sluttiness over Cara Delevingne but now, according to The Sun she’s feeding her hungry sex parts on Scottish DJ Calvin Harris.

The Sun are saying that the pair have been close for a couple of months now and have even found some ‘friends’ to say nice things about their ‘hot right now’ situation.

However, instead of giving the public what they really want by passing on detailed stories, Polaroid pictures, videos and flip books the ‘friends’ could only find this to say:

“They are having a great time and are really into each other.”

“It’s early days, but they’re keen on each other.”

(Via: The Sun.)

Given that Peddlesass has a reputation as the rudest snatch on both sides of the Atlantic to uphold, what more is there to say?

Go Peddlesass go.

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