Selfies: What Happened to Duncan James from Blue?

Duncan James,Boy bands,The Big reunion,Atomic Kitten, Liz McLarnon,Natasha Hamilton,Blue,Kerry Katona, selfies,When I came down this morning I saw a few e-mails proclaiming that the walking disaster I know as Kerry Katona had headed straight from Atomic Kitten’s performance at Liverpool’s Echo Arena last night to join her Big Reunion co-stars for a wild night out at the city’s famous House Bar.

However, since Liz McLarnon has banned me from writing, whispering or even thinking about the Atomic Kitten revival tour (or it’s band members refusal to grab at their crotches all at the same time) I thought I’d say something about an age resistant troll taking self-a-genic pictures with a slobbery mouthed Nathasha Hamilton and a Mr Whippy looking Kerry Katona instead.

Yes, Duncan James from Blue seen here (above and below) looking like he’s just eaten a bowl full of dicks.

Natasha Hamilton_dunca_from_blue

What a cock! Duncan must have a huge problem with self-loathing and be afraid that if he doesn’t post ‘selvies’ to his Instagram account (which make him look like a Shar-Pei puppy eating a melted Kit-Kat) then it’ll make him seem humourless and unloveable in the eyes of all those 40 year-old woman who paid to have their panties blown off by Blue at The Big Reunion concert.

Now, if you clicked play on this video below and are now wondering why your panties have just ripped themselves apart then you too can blame Duncan James from Blue.


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