Kirk Norcross Stars In DIRTY DEN 2

Towie,Kirk Norcross,wanking,caught, masturbation, Skype,pictures,Twitter, playing with himself,A few years ago I worked with my good friend Debbie on an Eastenders story. The tale involved the show’s Dennis Watts (‘Dirty  Den’) played by Leslie Grantham. Leslie had been caught on the internet with his peen out while fapping his way to an ‘oooohoooohaaah-gasm’.

A woman on the other end of Leslie’s web-cam fury had screen grabbed his ole’ man jizz party and sent those grabs to Debbie. The story hit all the front pages and Debbie was awarded journo of the year for it.

Today The Daily Star are running some screen grabs of Dirty Den 2. Yes, Kirk Norcross has been caught massaging his wang to a webby-gasm with the help of a young lady from Sykpe. (See above.)

The Star say they have no idea how the pictures found their way to the internet (they do) but you can see the full portfolio of Kirk’s tool shaped embarrassment right >> here.

Once Kirk realised the entire Twittersphere had seen him holding hands with the sausage he immediately deleted the pictures and tweeted:

 F*******k!!!! People these days!!!!

 Cooooome oooonnn guys we have all done it I’m just the stupid one that got caught! Sorry guys :-(“.

So, if you’ve ever lucky enough to shake hands with Kirk Norcross today, and his hand feels warm and tingly, you’ll know the bitch has been shaking his peen again like it was his full-time job.

Source: Daily Star.

(Thanks Bobby)

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