Sharon Osbourne On Tulisa’s Arrest.

Sharon Osbourne,arrest,Tulisa,Glasgow,X Factor,response,question,funny,Ever since 2009 when she described Susan Boyle as looking like a ‘slapped arse’ Sharon Osbourne has been one of my favourite celebrities.

Whatever you might think of her Sharon doesn’t come from a mean place, she’s just funny in a bitchy sort of way. Okay maybe she is a little mean but you know, we still laugh at her remarks and that makes us all accessories to her bitchiness.

Yesterday Sharon joined her fellow X Factor judges in Glasgow for the first round of this year’s auditions. Sources say that X Factor producers have banned Sharon and her co-hosts from talking about Tulisa Contostavlos’s arrest for allegedly supplying Class A drugs to an undercover journalist, but unless the memo is hand delivered by a pair of bossy bottoms with an extra large ‘Ossie bonus’ attached then Sharon wants nothing to do with it.

Sharon is like a great aunt who’s not afraid to tell you that you’ve got bingo-wings that look like a Shar Pei’s vagimonster so I guess it’s no surprise that when The Daily Record asked her how she felt about Tulisa’s arrest, Sharon’s response was, “I loved it!”

Oh that is so like sand paper in the derriere it’s actually funny. I love you Daily Record so much!

Anyway, for those of you that haven’t heard it before here’s that slapped arse remark, click play it’s hilarious.

(Source: Mirror via Daily Record)

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