Rita, Cara And A Quick Change To The Program.

Rita_Ora_Cara_DelevingneWe all know Cara Deliningne can eat a ham sandwich while sitting across the room from it so I really hope the rumours about these two are true.

Seriously, it seems to me that whenever Rita Ora grabs a microphone Cara finds a way to step into the spotlight and tell the world that she’s really just a thin little lezzy in love. I just hope their love is written in the stars and these lesbian rumours were made in heaven.

Since we’re on the topic of messes, here’s a quick change to our programming. NMi will be closed for the next three days while I take a short break. I’ll be back full-time on Monday to post about how I got my picture taken next to an ‘adopt a junkie sign’ and how I committed an act of foolery by scribbling the words “screw you” on my face while drunkenly staring down the bartender in a late night strip club.

That dirty gutter trap Dolly Molly will might be here at night doing her bitter bitchy best to keep NMi alive in my absence. And I might do a post or two from my iPad while suckling on a bottle of Bud in the hotel jacuzzi bar.

Let me leave you with some pictures of people who also took a weekend to get the drunks. Oh so bad!

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