Elegance Has A Name….

Katie_price_book-launchI’m sorry, I missed this yesterday. It seems that Katie Price has once again embarked on a journey of elegance. The journey started in London with Katie promoting her latest literary masterpiece, He’s The One.

I have no idea what this He’s The One book is all about but the Daily Mail are reporting it’s Katie’s way of telling us that her new husband, Kieran whatshisname is the one for her. I’m guessing but ‘he’s the one’ who’ll be throwing that wedding ring in the trash when Katie chases him out of their home with a pink-ass stick after catching him smelling like a Yo! Sushi waitress.

Anyways, the whole sorry journey starts for me with that hat/wig ensemble Katie’s wearing, which looks like it was made by a modern-day Nell Gwyn out of a giant pile of Don’t Give A Fuck. When you lower your shell-shocked retinas to that swirly carpet princess THING she’s wearing I know your thinking it was created by an on-pay-for-the-day drag queen who also doodles designs for The Carpet Warehouse.

And finally, the magical and enchanting moment when she told the photographers that she’s not wearing any panties. That was so classy and demure, I’m sure Queen Elizabeth herself will want to do the same thing when she next opens parliament. (I made that bit up, sorry)

What more is there for me to say other than Katie usually looks like a plastic duck on the wrong side of a Botox boost, but yesterday she looked like the delicate swan Tchaikovsky must have had in mind when he wrote Swan Lake.

Source: Daily Mail

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