Posh Beckham, Smiling Like A Released Hostage!

Victoria Beckham,Smiles,picture,Posh Beckham hasn’t smiled in fifteen years. She hasn’t shown so much as a tooth since her Spice Girl days. Even on her birthdays, she hasn’t managed to force her lips upwards.

Everyone mocks Victoria’s self-misery because she’s rich and successful with a brood of good looking children, fine houses AND a ‘model’ husband. It all seems so perfect. You’d think all this would make any woman grin from ear to ear. Well think haemorrhoids! There’s no smiling when your butt cheeks feel like red hot sandpaper.

Actually there’s some good news.

Science continues to improve lives, one super rich person at a time. At last the scientists have updated Victoria’s default picture with new ‘smiley’ face. I have to say it looks very life like.

Anyway, lets remind ourselves of the contribution Victoria has made to music.

Lest we forget.

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