Why The Saatchi Strangler Strangled.

Saatchi Strangler,Nigella Lawson,dispute,assistants,Francesca Grillo, Lisa,sisters, court,theft,There’s more news from the House Of Strangles. A Sunday paper is claiming the reason why the Saatchi Strangler strangled at Scotts restaurant a couple of weeks ago was that he and his wife Nigella Lawson are in a bitter dispute over her former personal assistants who Charles has accused of misappropriating £174,000 from his company.

Francesca Grillo and her sister Lisa were hired by Nigella as her assistants when she was married to her first husband John Diamond, who died of cancer. The Saatchi Strangler claims the sister’s have spent over £170k of his hard earned money on designer goods, taxi journeys, flights to New York and other assorted shit that they shouldn’t have so he’s hauling their asses into the High Court of Justice.

The Mail-On-Sunday have reported friends of the couple as saying that the impending court case has caused tensions in the Saatchi/Lawson marriage with one saying it was a reason behind the row at  Scott’s when the Saatchi Strangler was photographed in the act of ‘strangling’.

The Mail-On-Sunday have this one exclusively so let me hand you over to their un-named sources for more details:

The Grillo girls had been very close to Nigella for a long time, she brought them into the marriage and she has naturally been very defensive about all this. I don’t think she particularly wanted them to be sued. That’s one of the things they were rowing about over the now infamous lunch.

Charles was criticising her for allowing the assistants free rein and things clearly got a bit heated. One of them was allegedly spending money on Chanel handbags and other designer stuff.  He thinks Nigella has been too easy on them.

(Via: Mailonline)

I know the Mail have put their magnifying glasses up to the entire situation but the more I hear about this the more I’m convinced The Saatchi Strangler deserves a slap.

Source: mailonline

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