Maria Fowler Faked It? Can This Be True!

Maria Fowler,escort,model,towie,suicide,faked,accusations,twitter,Last week I posted how Maria Fowler had ended up in hospital after attempting to end it all with an overdose of pills. All things considered I thought I was pretty sympathetic and nice about it all. She’s a girl and I always believe what girls tell me, so I believed Maria’s story.

It didn’t dawn on me that Maria’s suicide bid was anything but a genuine cry for help. Last night Twitter was alive with tweets claiming that Maria’s suicide attempt was nothing short of fakery. Essentially what they all seem to be saying is that Maria didn’t attempt suicide at all, she made the whole thing up in less than 140 characters in order to sell ‘her story’ to a magazine at a future date.

Here a few tweets from last night.

Quiet before the storm, bet she’s ringing around trying to sell her story.

It was a PR stunt!! wasn’t real!!!

She deserves everything she gets… She’s a skint no body..

Well it won’t be a pregnancy story,seems she has issues with them.

She’ll say she has schizophrenia and the voices in her head made her do bad things!! 

I’m running a competition whoever guesses her next PR stunt correct wins crystal converse.

I know we always say that reality shows (or fake reality shows or whatever) kill the truth in a person, but tell me that’s not happened to Maria. Surly not!

Thanks To Bobby MC

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