Mad Madge Muslim Mask.

Muslim, niqab-style, chainmail mask, Madonna, offends,offensive,Madonna is in The Sun again today and although she usually looks puffy and bloated this time they’re saying she’s using the misfortune of others to get applause for herself.

Here’s the how, but I’m not sure with the why….

Madge posted this picture to her instagram along with the message “The Revolution of Love is on Inshallah” which caused millions of people to wake up this morning and say that at some point during the day they’d like to kill Madonna.

It happens a lot, usually after hearing one of her songs, they don’t mean it but today is different. They’re all angry as bald bad beavers at Madge today for hiding her upsetting face behind a Muslim niqab-style chainmail mask.

And they’re right. She’s still got those little beady eyes showing and she should have done something about that eyebrow situation as you can still tell that her fat face is pale and round. I think she might be related to Kerry Katona. Fortunately you can’t see her gooey legs oozing out over the side of those boots she normally wears or the elaborate system of straps under her clothes that she pulls so tight they turn her lady parts blue.

Oohh man, I should never have opened The Sun today. I really hope I don’t get a lazy on!

Anyway, not everyone gets angry at Madonna, some get really excited. Watch. 

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