Michael Jackson. Who’s Bad Part Two.

Michael Jackson,Wade Robson,lawsuit,The Sun, alarms,AEG,Trial,British Media,articles,Sunday people,conspiracy,Hot on the heels of The Sunday People’s infamous Michael Jackson article comes another one – from The Sun. This time they’re saying that Jackson set up alarms near his bedroom to avoid being caught abusing young boys.

They are quoting court papers in which alleged victim Wade Robson claims the alarms were motion sensors that would shriek a ‘Stop abusing that boy’ kind of sound when anyone came within 30ft of the abuse room at his Neverland ranch. Robson says Jackson abused him for seven years but the Jackson estate says his LA lawsuit is “outrageous”.

These disclosures from The Sun and The Sunday People come as the Jackson family pursue (in a separate trial) a wrongful death suit against AEG, the last concert promoter to work with the entertainer. The family claims that AEG totally ignored Michael’s health issues and effectively worked him to death. AEG say it was Dr. Conrad Murray, hired by Jackson himself, who was in sole charge of the singer’s health and not them so not guilty. There are billions of dollars at stake here with the winner taking all. This probably has nothing to do with anything but make a note on your bad-pad that AEG advertise heavily in the British media.

The timing of the Sunday People article and the Sun’s Robson exposé has caused some on social media and Jackson-related websites to believe that AEG are behind leaks (to both the American and British media) of potentially jury influencing information. So much so that when I posted about this mess on Sunday last I was deluged by a torrent of tweets from the King of Pop’s supporters all telling me that I was blind if I couldn’t see the obvious conspiracy between AEG and the British media. BLIND, they said.

What they didn’t know was that last Sunday was another slow-ass news day and up until then I didn’t know shit about the Jackson trial, I wrote my article because there was nothing better to do. But heyho, their tweets had me so this week I moon-walked my ass over to the source of all human knowledge (Google) and looked into this entire conspiracy mess a bit further.

And guess what I discovered? The jury in the AEG v Jackson trial have already been instructed by the trial judge not to watch, read, or listen to any media at all. Not even Blue Peter! So, sadly there’s little or no chance they’ve heard about any of the allegations made in the British media over last few days.

However, I would like to thank all those well meaning Jackson fans for believing that my junk-ass scribblings on a broken-down pop-culture web-site known as NMi are relevant enough to influence a billion dollar trial over there in America. Knowing that has made my whole week work, so thanks.

Source: The Sun/Daily Beast

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