The Lydia Rose Bright A/W13 Collection: You Couldn’t Make This Up….

Lydia Rose Bright,A/W13 Collection,Launch, dresses,funny,photographs,Littlewoods,Lipsy Boutique, Fashion,Disasters,Every so often I get people sending in pictures and asking me to write something about their favourite celebrity. I try to oblige but I swear there are some celebrities that you never hear anything good about. This story is about former Towie girl, Lydia Bright. Try and guess where it nearly ended up.

(And no, I have no idea who these people are that send pictures in, they could be anybody for all I know. LYDIA!)

Ok. Enough. Lydia took to her Twitter yesterday and told all her followers about the new Lydia Rose Bright A/W13 collection launching for autumn 2013. The cheap-assed attempt at a press release read;

In hair and make up with @LyndseyHarr1son ready for the big day. Launching my Lydia Rose Bright A/W13 collections.

I know, she made it sound like launching the lady version of an AK47. Whatever. Lydia’s ‘big launch’ appeared to take place in a street in west London somewhere, because I can’t find any trace of a formal venue. I checked everywhere, including Lydia’s Twitter page. It was only after seeing Lydia’s page did I resolve to stick with this story and not to drop it in the bin.

Actually Lydia’s Twitter told me more about her and her fashion range than I ever thought possible. After the tweet ‘Such an exciting day filming, shooting and holding interviews for my new ‘Lydia Rose Bright collection’ I found these pictures.

Lydia had retweeted this tweet-n-pic from Look Magazine: “Look who came to visit us for a sneak preview of her upcoming collection! The lovely @LydiaRoseBright!”

Lydia Bright_collection_sneek-previewAnd she retweeted a link to Reveal Magazine who had published this press release pic under the headline: “Lydia Bright gives sneak peek at her autumn/winter clothing collection.”

Lydia Rose Bright Collection

I don’t have a dictionary in front of me but I’m pretty sure “cheap-assed” means that you’re never going to spend money on shit. Like professional photographers, lighting, studio hire or flying models out to sexy location shoots. I guess Lydia knows the phrase cheap-assed pretty well because her fashion portfolio looks like it was ‘selfied’ in her front room, kitchen, bathroom and hallway. Really it does. Poor Lydia.

Lydia should stop selling her undoubtedly beautiful and sultry designs through the likes of Littlewoods and The Lipsy Boutique because those homely raggedy places are a lost cause. They make so many women out there just look like a damn mess. What Lydia needs to do is start selling her designs the way Victoria Beckham does where all a customer has to do is sell her house, sell her car, sell all the blood in her body, empty her deposit account, rob a bank and blow her husband a few times, in order to buy a single designer dress that she can/can’t wear anywhere without looking like a cheap-assed fool.

Then again what do I know, I could have this whole thing totally wrong. Watch. 

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