Emma Watson: Young Spice.

Emma Watson,Spice Girls,Emma Bunton,Naked,I must apologise in advance for what will probably be a lack of posting today. I went out to an Indian restaurant last night and now I have some kind of food poisoning. I spent the night shivering and sweating and twice I died. Once for 3 minutes. That can’t be good for you.

The only thing that’s keeping me here this morning is Emma Watson, who The Sun say once wanted to be Spice Girl Emma Bunton.

Gordon Smartypants who heads up The Sun’s Bizarre column has managed to tell this entire story in less than 90 words, which proves he’s really good at his job. Unlike myself, a lazy good for nothing pop culture junkie who sits around all day drinking tea and throwing shit balls at people for no good reason. Where’s the good in a fool like that?

Anyway. Back to the Emmas. Here’s what the Watson one said about the Bunton one.

It was when I was seven or eight. I wanted to be Emma Bunton. She was so, so cute.

I had a friend called Ellie and we would fight because she had blonde hair.

So she thought she should get to be Emma and I said my name was Emma. This went on for months.


You know if I worked for a newspaper (The Sunday Times for example) and got to interview Emma Watson then I wouldn’t ask her a bunch of faggity-assed questions about her school girl crushes or what she’s doing to combat global warming. No sir, I’d get straight down to business and ask her the question that’s on everyone’s lips – when are we going to see her naked in a movie. 

Source: Bizarre

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