Sir Andrew Murray?

Victoria Beckham_wimbledonRadio 4 said this morning that very soon now Her Mag the Q will be turning his Mr into a Sir so, well done SIR Andrew Murray for winning Wimbledon yesterday.

I don’t write a sports blog but if I did then I’d only write one post and it would probably begin like this. ‘Andy Murray won the mens singles final at Wimbledon yesterday’…. I’d have stop typing there because my keyboard would start laughing it’s ass off at me. Besides, who’d believe me anyway?

But I don’t do sport, I throw shit-balls at the rich and famous, that’s my job, someone has to do it. 🙁

Now, if I didn’t know any better I’d say Victoria ‘posh’ Beckham got at least ten shades of shit-faced drunk during Sir Andy’s historic win at Wimbledon yesterday. It’s the only explanation for that picture above, right? This is why there needs to be a kitten section in the Wimbledon stands.

This video of kittens getting hypnotized by flying balls went viral a couple of years ago. If your dream is to become a famous knight like Sir Richard Attenborough or Andy Murray then you’ll need to make a video that goes viral too. Smoke some weed and then film a kitten watching tennis. Call it Stoned Kitten Watching Tennis. Oh what am I talking about about, it’s already been done.

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