Hair By Hamster. The Jokes Write Themselves.

hairy hamster,cute,fluffy,funny picture,Kate Price, beauty, glamour,Katie Price isn’t the only one to overdose on beauty and glamour, when it’s not being attacked by a mob of jealous guinea pigs this electrocuted hamster knows how to impress.

Oh I know, the hairy hamster/beaver jokes write themselves which is why Katie’s hair always looks like something out of the My Little Pony summer sale. Par contre this fluffy hamster’s hair creation just has it and has it in several colours.

Yes indeed, this is what you get after a hot hamster wheel crashes into a lorry load of corkscrew pasta and this little fella has never looked hotter for it.

No ladies, beauty and glamour doesn’t come easy. 

(Source: Jodie Marsh)

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