Brian McFadden: The Jokes Write Themselves.

Brian-McFadden_hilarious-wi-fi-screen-grabSometimes the jokes just write themselves. Take a look at this screen grab which Brian McFadden posted to his Twitter page last night.

You know, if there’s one thing that show business has taught us it’s that there’s no fun to be found in a story if it doesn’t come with a little scandal. So what’s begging the question here is where was Brian when this screen grab of his was taken?

Yes, where exactly was he when his phone started looking for an open Wi-Fi connection? We need to know right? So lets all guess.

Here’s mine.

1)  An emergency meeting of the Scientologists of Dublin Society.

2) Standing in Kerry Katona’s back garden dressed as a druid.

3) A slavery themed wedding.

4) John Travolta’s steam room.


5) HERE !!!

Okay. The answer is 5. OBVIOUSLY!

Lets watch. 

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