Morning Model: Elisabetta Canalis.

Elisabetta-Canalis-morning-modelWhen Italian supermodel Elisabetta Canalis went from dating George Clooney, who was OK Magazine’s ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ to Steve O who just stapled his delicates to things, it wasn’t just a step down it was more a leap off the Empire State building.

There’s still no explanation for why she did that, but I assume it had something to do with low self esteem, alcohol, and black magic.

So, that’s why Elisabetta is our Morning Model today.

Sometimes Elisabetta does free stuff for PETA. A few years back, in one of their promotion posters, PETA placed the words ‘meglio nuda che in pelliccia‘ over Elisabetta which made it look like they were trying to say she was some nutty-assed woman with an STD but no, Google translate put me straight by explaining that the words meant ‘better naked than in fur’ in Italian.

Actually, it made a lot of sense that PETA ran their campaign with Elisabetta naked because as it turns out I now give a lot more of a shit about their cause. Naked is always good to go round here.

Whatever. I bet Elisabetta won’t find this post in the least bit amusing because who wants it pointing out that they’ve gone from George Clooney to Steve-O to martial arts expert Marcus Kowal and now to some complete unknown with a bald head and sticky out ears, all in less than 2 years. Not very funny, even Brigitte Nielson didn’t crash this hard.

Anyway, lets see Elisabetta putting her very marketable skills to good use.

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