My Morning Male: Mat Johnson.

Morning Man, Matt Johnson, hot,sexy,underwear,chest,poses,male,model, sexy,Hunk,Nmi,Mike D WIf my boyfriend ever walks in to our penthouse apartment and catches me with a part of Matt Johnson in my mouth, I’ll just tell him that his girlfriend always tests the parts that he’s about to suck on because quite frankly Matt is just the kind of hunk to turn a straight man gay.

Yes this will work, he’ll believe me, we’ll all be rich and live happily ever after.

It’s thoughts like these that come into my mind whenever I look at a man who’s a little taller than me, with dark hair, eyes that melt the soul and a smile which turns a woman’s heart into a shivering mushy mess.

Matt Johnson is the 30 something Welshman you see on This Morning and now ITV’s new talent show, Your Face Sounds Familiar. He’s also presents the National lottery occasionally.  You may not have seen too much of him yet because his star is still rising (stop it) which is why pictures of his gorgeous, charming, semi-naked body are in short supply. That’s amazing when you consider he was once voted the sexiest man in Wales. Not sure how many were in the running for that prize, but I’m pretty sure Gareth Thomas came last.

Whenever you see Matt on TV he’s always smiling and upbeat. Last week he was on This Morning talking about his battle with depression. It was a very moving interview in fact because Matt showed his vulnerable side. He explained how it was an inner strength that helped him claw his way back to long term health and happiness.

AND he talked about his passion for crisp sandwiches. I suppose I could over look that, probably could overlook that. Maybe. I suppose. If I had to.

Here’s that short supply of pictures I was talking about.

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