Sloppy Jasmine Slops Again.

Jasmine Lennard-max-georgeI see Simon Cowell’s former denial, Jasmine Lennard is up to her old tricks again. This time it’s Lucy Mecklenburgh’s boyfriend, Max George who’s been caught slopping with the sloppiest slop to ever slop.

Here’s what happened.

Every year Jasmine celebrates the resurrection of her lady parts by painting a picture of them on a hard-boiled egg. It’s the second coming of her vagine if you like, and the time she takes to celebrate her drooping rose rising from the damp of her woeful woes.

Today the 3AM girls are presenting us with a story dedicated to the glory of Jasmine’s sloppy vadger-badger.


The Wanted’s, Tom Parker has called up the Mirror to tell them how Jasmine’s hump day dreams came true last week after she spotted his band mate Max George at the pool-side of the Mondrian Hollywood Hotel in Los Angeles.

Here’s what Tom said happened last Wednesday afternoon:

“I was in bed that day because I was hungover. Jasmine was at the same hotel as us, so she hung out with Max by the pool for a while.” 

“I think she was really friendly though because next thing they were off to his room and having sex like Kenyan marathon runners. Man she’s like quick.”  

“Our security guard was telling me all about her because I didn’t know who she was at first.”

(Via: 3AM)


This story smells like a plastic party cup full of cigarette ends but if it is true, then Max George has once again certified himself as a bona fide dumb bitch for cheating on luscious Lucy.

And since our favourite spectator sport is watching bitch-slops getting bitch-slopped what better time could there be to pull this video out of the archives.

Source: 3Am

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