Dolly Molly Caught In Shocking Porn Shoot.

Avon, Megan Fox,Ad, campaign,naked, photo-shoot,NMi,Mike D.WNot really. I’m back from Dubai for a few weeks and (obviously) that headline was just to make you sit up and take some notice!

Okay gettothebloodypointdollymolly. I want to say thanks to Mike D. W for allowing me to choke you with my unsalted posts for a while. King Mike will be back soon, wearing his beautiful tin-foil crown and showing the blogosphere how shit is done RIGHT! But for now you got me.

So to Megan Fox. Because Megan is somebody’s mother now she obviously feels a moral responsibility to not embarrass her baby son by putting her boobs on display anymore. That’s why she’s doing some jungle-themed nonsense for Avon. I saw this one in the Mail earlier and frankly I’m disappointed. Megan so doesn’t have the acting skills of a plastic rubarb so obviously nobodies hiring her right now.

What I’m getting at is that because Megan is no longer taking her clothes off for the cameras she’s become an Avon lady and as Mike D. W would say that’s a damn shame that.

I’m sorry about this but Mike D. W told me to run this video. Frankly, it’s horrid. 

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