TWIT TWAT WARS: Gaga v Perez. Round Two.

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Lady Gaga and Perez Hilton used to be friends. They were partners on Twitter and passed @love mentions to each other every day.  But then, two days ago Perez texted Lady Gaga with a picture of herself in a wheelchair with the words “karma” scrawled across it and Madonna pointing a gun at her head. Now they’ve stopped being friends.

Yesterday morning the feud turned into a living nightmare for Perez as Gaga took to her Twitter and accused him of stalking her.

What appears to have happened here is that when an innocent Little Monster, who was sitting outside Gaga’s apartment building in NYC, spotted Perez in the lobby of her building she tweeted Gaga what she had seen. When Gaga read that Little Monster’s tweet, she made an OMG face and asked the Little Monster to take a picture of Perez in her building because the situation was obviously very very dangerous! I guess Lady Gaga must have called the building’s security man too, because Perez was quickly escorted out of the building.

That’s what Gaga was saying anyway when she launched this ‘melodramáticas-twitterranteráss‘ at Perez in caps. CAPS!


Well, Perez has responded to those tweets with a twitterranteráss of his own when he took to his web-page and made a statement. A STATEMENT!

It begins something like this….

“I have long had plans to return to New York City more permanently. New York was my home for 6 years in the mid 90s, before I moved to Los Angeles. I also lived here for 3 months last year while doing an off Broadway show. I’m a new father……” 

The rest is here.

(Via: Perez

What a mess these two made of the internet yesterday but you know I can’t help thinking that whenever a mess like Gaga screams, “I’M A HUMAN BEING” she’s just doing it for the Applause.

Talking of human beings….

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