My Morning Man: Shemar Moore.

My Morning Man, Shemar Moore, hot,sexy,underwear,chest,poses,male,model, sexy,Nmi,Mike D WBack in 2010 those fumbling idiots over at CBS made me selfishly happy when they fired the entire female cast of Criminal Minds despite overwhelming objections from the show’s fans. When it happened the awesome Shemar Moore just said, “It’s all about me baby, looking out for number one” and just carried on hunking.

I’m all for people having their own interests at heart, (except when they conflict with mine), so this is why I’ve chosen Shemar as My Morning Man today.

How many years will it be before someone gives Shamar his due? With a stomach so flat that you could eat your dinner off of it this hunk-a-chunk should be a huge star by now. So where’s his trophy?

Shemar, who once said “I dont see myself as a black actor, I’m just Shemar Moore the actor” has been playing Derek Morgan in Criminal Minds since 2005.

Actually I don’t really care who who sees himself as, I just love a man with a great smile and a nice pulse. Yes, that’s all I need.

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