Sam ‘ScrewBo’ Bailey: The Shocks Factor.

X Factor,Sam Bailey,ScrewBo,Fake,exposed,Professional,singer,cruise ships,video,demo,tack,youtube,scandal,MikeD. W, NMi,I do love a conniving, shameless hussy and the Sun are saying that prison officer Sam ‘Screwbo’ Bailey is all of that hussey.

Let me remind your asses of what happened last weekend: ‘Screwbo’ enchanted millions when her warbling wails of wonder blew open the X Factor’s stage door as she sang out like a crooning parody of Beverly Knight. The judges loved her, the audience adored her and all the viewers went to bed dreaming that one day they could be her.

Yes, it was the second coming of Susan Boyle. Screwbo had been born.

But the thing is, the X Factor producers (who are also shameless hussies) make it very clear that their talent contest is strictly for amateurs. The rules say that any musical princess from the cruise ship Rainbow who tries to sneak in the back way to fame and fortune will have her contract torn up and her cheating-ass dumped out of the exit door.

What the Sun are reporting today is that Screwbo IS that musical princess from the cruise ship Rainbow. They say she’s a professional singer who regularly sang on cruise ships and at music festivals. They say that Screwbo has previously auditioned for both the X factor and Britain’s Got Talent and that she’s even sung with Beverley Knight, Lulu and Jane McDonald.

Let me hand you over to the Sun’s source who said:

 “She has misled the public. She tried out for the X Factor seven or eight years ago and auditioned for Britain’s Got Talent as well.

“She should be honest. She made it sound like she’s a shy beginner. She has untold experience.”

Via The Sun.

When the show’s host Dermot O’Leary asked Sam Screwbo Bailey if she had ever done anything before she shyly shook her head and then a big lie fell out of her mouth as she whispered “No”.

Oh well. While you’re trying to design a giant replica of a horse’s anus to wave at Screwbo the next time you see her on TV here’s a little music. It’s a demo vocal track made by Sam ‘Screwbo’ Baily back in 2009 and it’s really rather good.

Source: The Sun

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