Morning Model: Amanda Holden.

Morning model, hot,sexy,bikini,underwear,lingerie,cleavage, naked,Amanda Holden,curves,topless,breasts,cleavage,tits,jugs,butt,NMi,Mike d.w, We haven’t run a Morning Model post in what seems like forever so I thought we’d cheer ourselves up by running one today. Whilst Amanda Holden may have a weird gremlin like face, at 42 her figure’s ‘holden’ up quite nicely. (sorry)

So that’s why Amanda’s our Morning Model today.

Choosing a woman to fill the hallowed Morning Model space here on NMi is all part of my job. It’s not easy. The chosen one has to be stunningly beautiful, sexy and alluring but she also has to be interesting too.

So when I’m not sat here, drinking tea and throwing slutty compliments at those more fortunate and talented than myself, my job is to find these beautiful and interesting women and then post something entertaining or amusing about them.

What I’d really like to be is a lingerie designer. That seems like a far easier job than mine. Essentially all you have to do is repeat pretty much everything you did last year. Change the colours around a bit, add a different frill here some different fluff there and then get some crazy hot woman to model it for you. Bingo! Everyone’s calling you god-damn genius.

Also, if you pretend to be gay you get to hang around in the dressing rooms where all the girls get changed. Yeah, I could do that.

Anyway, to Amanda Holden. What to say interesting or amusing about her. Umm, err…..

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