Jasmine Lennard and Max George – The Sex Tape.

Jasmine Lennard,Max George,the wanted,slut,secrets,sold,bedroom,encounter,sex tape,NMi,Miked.WWelcome to another slow-ass Sunday, where nothing is going on, except of course Jasmine Lennard’s rancid Twitter twatter. That’s always going on. And on. And on. Yes, pour zero dignity and zero shame into a slop bucket of ho shit behaviour and you’ve got Jasmine Lennard, queen of the damned.

You know, Jasmine reminds me of the woman at a party who doesn’t know anyone, the one who gets drunk and then dances herself into the middle of the room while everybody else tries not to die of second-hand embarrassment.

Take last month for example and the slurry-o-slut time Jasmine spent with The Wanted’s Max George. Jasmine was faster than a hooker in stolen Nikes to kiss and tell that ‘story’ into the tabloids. And now it seems Jasmine is well on her way to becoming one of Satan’s most influential voices on Twitter too because nearly a month after the ‘rompette du hell’ Jasmine has opened up her twat-n-tweet mouth again and hinted that their sexy time together was filmed – see below.


Poor old Max George. This festering woman just won’t go away. Max really should pay up and be done with her. Either that or sell his story to a tabloid as a lesson to everyone in what happens when you fall out of a vagina like Jasmine’s.

This clip from Revolver knows what we’re talking about.  

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