Introducing ‘Francesca’s Secret’ – Olly Murs Girlfriend.

Francesca Thomas,Olly Murs,girlfriend,secret,model,NMi,Mike D. WIt’s all too much. Too exciting. The Sunday Mirror say that Olly Murs is secretly dating a 24-year-old aspiring model. Her name is Francesca Thomas but she’s not all that good looking. She has a hot face but so what. I have a hot face, (no I don’t) but that doesn’t mean Olly gets to date me.

I guess the Mirror must think that telling Olly’s legion of screaming gurlie fans (?) all about Francesca is like telling an under 12’s fat club that they get to live at Disneyland now, with all the Cola and cup cakes they can get their fat little fingers around. That they’ll all hyperventilate and spaz out and be dead inside a week.

It’s worth noting that Francesca is a proper model, well brought up and not at all famous for her fantastically huge implants or skimpy tops that barely cover them. Many girls who want to become famous accept the invertible and leak naked pictures of themselves (by emailing them to me for example) but not Francesca.

It makes sense that a sophisticated looking woman like Francesca will one day be hired by Loreal to endorse their cosmetics. Yes ‘Francesca’s Secret’ the British way to looking sexy and youthful. Loreal are gonna be rich beyond their wildest dreams. Rich in Francesca money. Every man in all the world will start buying ‘Francesca’s Secret’ for his girlfriend and his mistress because who among them won’t be thinking, “Wow how I wish my woman looked like Francesca Thomas”.

Clearly this girl is a genius.

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