Katie Price: Guess What?

Katie Price,Kelly Brook,Danny Cipriani,sex,gossip,tape,love-lies-and-lipstick,auto-biography,NMi,Mike D. WKatie Price is a jack-of-all-trades. She’s a woman with extremely large fake breasts. She’s a singer, an author, a model and she also has her own range of perfumes, because who wouldn’t want to smell like a woman who got famous by posing nude?

But like most celebrities without much talent, she also has a column in The Sun-on-Sunday. Today, while shamelessly using her column to plug her book, Love Lipstick and Lies Katie explains how she caught Danny Cipriani sticking his hand in the cookie jar while he was meant to be loved up with her.

Let me remind your asses of the background. Earlier this year Katie went to war with Kelly Brook over Kelly’s then boyfriend Danny, who she accused of having a wandering peen. The war went on for weeks and it all ended in a horrible mess when Price called Kelly a “heifer” and Kelly made fun of Price’s plastic surgery. Everyone thought this was all a bit of stupid and would have preferred to hear that they’d been having sex together instead. 

Later in the year just as Katie had predicted Kelly’s vagimonster was left broken hearted after she discovered Danny had been sexting the entire glamour model directory.

So to today. In her column Katie dishes the dirt on her relationship with Danny. She explains how she crept into Danny’s home one night and tiptoed up the stairs. She heard moans, groans, screeches, squirting sounds and screams for God coming from his bedroom. She opened the door. You’ll need to go buy the paper because what happened next is just too horrible to mention on a family friendly blog like NMi.

Oh what the hell, this seems like the perfect moment to pull a Katie Price sex tape out of the archives. It was originally uploaded to YouTube by KatiePriceSexy, whoever she is….. 

Source: Sun-on-Sunday

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