Rest In Peace: David Coleman 1926 -2013.

David Coleman,dies,died,rest in peace,RIP,sports commentator,BBc,Grandstand,Question of Sport,Sportsnight,NMI,Mike D. W,Thanks to sitting in front of my Dad’s old analog television and watching Grandstand for hours every Saturday afternoon I’m pretty sure that the first words I ever learned to speak were ‘one-nil.’

So the hollow black shell that I call a heart is beating one out for David Coleman tonight. The mailonline reports that David has taken the one way trip all the way to heaven tonight at the age of 87.

David died of natural causes in his sleep while surrounded by his family.

David Coleman was the iconic BBC commentator behind Grandstand and Sportsnight. He was the original host of A Question of Sport. He covered 11 summer Olympic Games, his final one in Sydney in 2000.

David was also responsible for making bizarre cock-ups live on air which became known affectionatley as ‘Colemanballs

I sometimes forget the names of my own relatives but I’ve never forgotten hearing David say,“That’s the fastest time ever run, but it’s not as fast as the world record.” Hell, if you asked me to hum the theme tune to the first season of A Question of Sport, you know I’d start chanting out “One Nil One Nil One Nil.”

It’s like that.

Rest in peace, David Coleman. I’m sure heaven is ‘one of the great unknown places because very little is known about it.

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