Nasty Business: Miley Cyrus And The Inflatable Penis.

Miley Cyrus,G-A-Y,Concert,Bangerz,inflatable, penis,gross,On Friday night at G-A-Y Astoria it took a brain dead child, conceived while her parents were high on battery acid, less than a minute before she dragged her Bangerz concert down to new levels of disgusting and gross.

I know, I mocked Miley Cyrus last year when she claimed that her Bangerz Tour would be “a high class educational experience”, so I’ll say it now – I was wrong.

These pictures from Miley’s G-A-G-A-G-A-Y concert which show her humping an inflatable penis serve only to prove that Bangerz is exactly the kind of entertainment to start theoretical, analytical, rational, metaphysical, logical, reasoned, esoteric, scholarly and erudite debate in all of our leading universities.


Honestly, Miley’s display of random snatch saliva and ass crack crudity should convince any number of deans to grant her an honorary degree for her splendid work on this tour. If they need something in writing then Miley can no doubt provide them with one of her dissertations on the following:

Stripping For The Contemporary Hillbilly.

Understanding Histrionic Personality Disorder.

Lack of Awareness in a Post-Feminist Age.

Filthy on a Hot Dog.

Sorry, did I say dissertations? I meant to say dirty g-strings. And when I said filthy I meant filthy like have a three-some with soap and water.

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