Nigel Farage: Oldies Are Not Comfortable With Bum Sex Galore.

Nigel Farage,homosexuality,gays,over-70s-Britain,Roger Helmer,uncomfortable,Ukip are finally, finally tackling a problem that effects all of our nation’s pensioners. Homosexuals! Nigel Farage says that the over-70’s in Britain still feel uncomfortable whenever they think about gay people.

So, they want him to declare that under a Ukip government Britain would become homo-free!

No homos in Britain?! What should we do with them? Where will we get our clothes? Who’ll do our hair? What about our make-up and who’ll decorate our homes? Who’ll be on TV?

Clearly Nigel and his Ukip buddies feel that gay people are a serious threat and if we let them carry on they’ll snort of all of our coke with their dark-sided butt bonking habits then their souls will be locked out of heaven forever.

(Side note: I don’t know what heaven they’re talking about but from what I’ve heard in a Ukip heaven there’s bum sex galore.)

After the Sunday Politics show came after his ass Mr Farage said he was simply defending Ukip’s candidate in the Newark by-election, Roger Helmer who has suggested that older people find homosexuality “distasteful, if not viscerally repugnant”.

Mr Farage told Andrew Neil that Helmer has “moved on” from those remarks but that he [Farage] still feels that older people’s views should be tolerated.

“Roger Helmer is fighting this by-election for us. He’s somebody of 70 years of age who grew up with a strong Christian background. He grew up in an age when homosexuality was actually imprisonable. And he had a certain set of views which he maintained for many years.

He now accepts there’s been a big social change in Britain and he’s relaxed about it. If we asked the 70s and over in this country how they felt about it, most still feel uncomfortable.

There are a lot of people…who are disconcerted by the change in the traditional meaning of marriage, and I think in a ­tolerant society we understand some people have different views.”

Well, hell hath no fury like a scorned politician. Nigel is beginning to sound like a blob of cholesterol wriggling around at a gay pride parade.


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