Say Something Nice: Kim Kardashian’s Wedding Dress.

Kim-kardashian-weddingA world wide wedding occurred in Italy yesterday as Satan’s drowsiest child got married to a frozen-faced goblin. It was reality TV’s event of the century.

You know those muffled sounds you heard last night? Well they were coming all the way from the Forte di Belvedere in Florence where this wedding took place. They were the sobbing sounds of the Kardashian family weeping as they realised how much money Kim’s wedding pictures will make them once they’ve been sold to the highest bidder.

That crystal clear picture you see above is of Kim Kardashian solemnly declaring before God that Kanye West will be her third and final husband.

Speaking of photo-shop rituals, here’s the first picture of Kim’s wedding dress, which was designed by Riccardo Tisci and tweeted by Nico.

Kim Kardashian-wedding-dress-2014

So, my say something nice is this: Is there a financial crisis in Hell too? Could Kim not afford anything better than a jewel-encrusted bed sheet covered with a veil made from her grandma’s front room curtains?

I know, I know Kim’s dress could only have looked more elegant had it been fashioned out of the white plastic bags you brought home from Tesco’s last week.

Anyway, here’s some amazing pictures of guests leaving their hotel to go to this wedding extravaganza.

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