Nigel Farrage: Rule Britannia!

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For a few years now the jewell encrusted sausage that is Nigel Farage has represented our country in Europe, but this week Britons were asked if they wanted to continue sharing the glamour of Nigel’s rant-infused voice with their European friends.

We now know that the answer was a resounding YES. This week the nation voted Nigel’s ear splitting voice of reason back to the floor of the European parliament, a tomorrow’s world where fools should fear to tread.

The voice of the people is in love with Nigel Farage and his beautiful Ukip party and last night’s Euro-election results serve to prove it.

Of course the people-hating piece of trash that we know as ‘Dave Cumanrun’ doesn’t want a foraging fool like Farage messing about with his precious European dream. No siree, Cumanrun thinks that by including Farage it will simply turn Brusells into a sodomy of spiteful sin.

And that also goes for that dumb bitch leader of the labour party, ‘Ed Multibrand’ who says that Farage’s ranting rump show is a bad thing for Labour, a bad thing for the country and an even badder thing for himself.

Um er…nobody gives a shit what ‘Nick le Beg’ thinks of this or anything else for that matter.

Because the Euro vision was born on a platform of shady unelected bureaucrats who will punch a baby in the face for a free expresso, piece of trash politics is nothing new in Europe and that’s why everyone hates them.

Nigel knows this but it’s a sad thing to live in a world where ‘Kartrashians’ make the cover of Cosmopolitan, yet Nigel’s political beauty does not.

In case you care about what he had to say about his election victory:

“Never before in the history of British politics has a party that will be seen to be an insurgent party ever topped the polls in a national election. 

We go on surprising people. I am delighted with the way the campaign has gone. It has been a pretty remarkable journey. 

We have formed the people’s army to fight the establishment.

I love Europe, it’s the European Union I have a problem with.”

So, the voice of the people has had it’s say so lets take a look at what we get for our money. It really is quite inspiring.

Here’s Nigel telling the (unelected) Euro President, Herr Von Humpry that he has “the carisma of a damp rag” and “the appearance of a low grade bank clerk.”  [youtube][/youtube]

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