Kerry Katona’s Fiancée Detained Under Mental Health Act.

Kerry Katona, George Kay,fiancee,detained,mental health act,hospital,shouting,shoe laces,It didn’t take long for Kerry Katona’s crazy train of soggy chips, empty wine bottles and bad decisions to crash and burn on the driveway of her house in Oxfordshire yesterday.

The Daily Mail says that yesterday afternoon the cops were called to the village of Chinnor where they found Kerry’s finance, George Kay jumping in and out of the traffic with his shoe laces tied together while shouting that someone was trying to kill him.

When the police arrived they quickly determined that George should probably spend some time in a mental ward so they put him in a section 136 hold and then shuffled him off to the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford for a mental evaluation.

A passer-by described the scene:

“George was running in between cars and shouting aggressively. He kept accusing his imaginary attackers of tying his shoelaces together. He was clenching his fist in front of his face and holding his phone to his ear without dialling anybody. He kept grabbing at his groin. He was  shouting,

“Kerry, Kerry, they’re going to f****** kill me. They’re hitting me with a hammer. Why are you letting them do this? Kerry, Kerry, open the gate, please, love. Call me a f****** ambulance.”

Kerry was watching from her front door. She was in tears.

(Via The Sun)

When the passer-by had seen enough she dialled 999. Five cops duly arrived and put George into handcuffs before detaining his unfortunate ass under the Mental Health Act.

A friend of Kerry’s said that she was  “devastated and very upset” by George’s behaviour but Kerry herself wasn’t saying anything.  However, Thames Valley Police confirmed the incident when they issued this statement:

‘Thames Valley Police can confirm that officers were called to a road in Chinnor shortly after 6pm [on Wednesday] following concerns for the welfare of a man.

‘A 34-year-old man was detained at the scene and taken to the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford, where he was detained under the Mental Health Act. He was later discharged.’

(Via Daily Mail)

I’ve heard that weed can take a person to the dark side, but just weed alone?

Because damn!

I’ve been stoned to the point where I thought that Kerry looked beautiful (I know, I should have quit right there). I’ve been stoned to the point where an Atomic Kitten record sounded good in my ears (the voices in my head told me so). But I would never tie my shoe laces together.

I mean, you just don’t make that kind of a mess of yourself.

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