Here’s Nicola McLean’s Husband Dancing His Marriage Away In Sin City.

Nicola McLean,Tom Williams,cheating,video,Sin City,Las Vegas, mystery woman,Every time you lie you make someone die a little on the inside. It’s true. Life is a fixed plot of humiliation and treachery.

Take Nicola McLean for example. Nicola has been married to her husband, Tom Williams for five years. They have two children together and live in Buckinghamshire. Tom used to have a                                           gambling problem but now owns his own concierge service in Las Vegas. Yes, Tom spends weeks at a time away from home, in Sin City, the gambling capital of the world.

Earlier this month when Tom didn’t return home from his latest trip Nicola tweeted her husband and begged him to return:

“When will you be home, Tom? Your kids need you.”

But Tom didn’t reply. In fact Nicola didn’t hear from him for another two weeks. Nicola was so upset by this, so worried that she lost her appetite and drank only Coca Cola and water for sustenance. She couldn’t sleep at night.

With that as a backdrop, the rumours of Tom dancing his marriage away with beautiful women in Sin City’s nightclubs seem right on point. So perhaps, possibly, it’s likely that a tabloid newspaper sent someone over to Sin City to check up on that Tom. Maybe.

And today, with release of this video (below) all those rumours seem to have been confirmed.

The video appears to show Tom behaving like a… oh, I don’t know…. a sinister creation of the devil designed to steal the souls of those who love him. Can I say that?

Nicola said this today:


Now it only remains for Tom to issue a tweet saying, ‘I love my wife and these rumours are outrageous’ and then go Mickey Rourke crazy on that tabloid, grabbing up all their shit and tossing it around the streets.

Of course a reaction like that could mean many things. Like, Tom is having his monthly. Or Tom believes that the tabloid’s video is a malicious invention designed to ruin his life. But it mostly it could mean that Tom was in fact che… [for legal reasons you have to insert your own words here].

Domestic violence is never funny under any circumstances, unless it’s a woman beating up a man. In which case it’s hilarious. Women are small, weak and they punch like they’re doing the doggie paddle. So it’s hugely embarrassing to get beaten up by one.

Just putting that out there. Nicola.


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