Sarah Ferguson. Going Going Gone!

Sarah Ferguson,Prince Phillip,Royals,feud,Balmoral,holiday,As you know my job is to sit here, drink tea and post scandalous commentary about people who are better off than myself. I love my work.

Sadly scandalous gossip is about as thin on the ground as an olive branch in Palestine right now. I’ve checked all the gossip columns this morning and all I can find (of interest) is the Sun’s story about Prince Andrew’s former wife, Sarah Ferguson.

According to the tabloid Fergie and her daughters Beatrice and Eugenie are currently enjoying a brief holiday with HM Queen at Balmoral.

The Sun say that Fergie arrived at Balmoral last Thursday morning but will have to leave by Monday night because Prince Phillip is due to arrive at the castle on Tuesday.

Despite the fact that Fergie is constantly doing things that makes Her Majesty want to slip off her smack slipper and hit the Duchess of Cock Ups in the mouth with it she is none the less very fond of her former daughter-in-law, who still lives at the Duke of York’s home in Windsor.

However Prince Philip would like to send Fergie to the gallows. He cannot stand the sight of her freckly features and refuses to have them in his royal presence. So Fergie must leave Balmoral the day before Phillip arrives.

The paper quotes a source as saying;

“Normally members of the Royal Family stay a week or two, but the Duchess has to cut short her stay.”

“Prince Philip won’t have her in the house. He cannot understand why she’s still living under the same roof as Andrew after all these years.

(Via The Sun)

Doesn’t know why she’s still living in Andrew’s house? We know why. Don’t we Andrew.

Source: The Sun

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