Say Hello To Prince Harry’s New Girlfriend, Camilla Thurlow.

Prince Harry, Royals,girlfriend,Camilla Thurlow,There’s good news and bad news this morning. The good news is that Prince Harry’s new girlfriend is featured in the Mail on Sunday! The bad news is that she’s not a porn star. Well, you can’t have it all.

The Sunday tabloid says that the tears of a thousand hopefuls are flooding the streets of Kensington today as news leaks out that our ginger Prince has been staying with a new love interest – Camilla Thurlow – on a yacht in St Tropez.

Apparently Camilla is the mystery girl who was spotted kissing Harry in a nightclub last June. So, what do we know about her. According to the tabloid Camilla was born in Dumfries, attended the Fettes College in Edinburgh and earned herself a first-class honours degree in sport and exercise science at Loughborough University. And at 25, Camilla’s made the incredibly wise decision of going to work. She works for the Halo Trust, the landmines organisation that Princess Diana supported.

Congratulations Camilla. It must be nice to be a cut above a Nandos waitress.  I guess if you’ve kissed a prince then your soul can’t smell like fried chicken. But if you’re dating a royal then the work never really stops. Pilates and yoga. That’s every day. Feel like a hamburger? Screw you, nibble on pea soup instead. Too tired to go to clubbing tonight? Well suck it up, your insurance policy IS your ass in a short skirt.

Yes, congratulations Camilla.

Here’s some pictures.

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