Oh Dear Another Photoshop Fail From Beyonce.

Beyonce,photoshop,thighs,fail,funny,tumblr,picture,If you stumbled into Beyonce’s bedroom you might catch her eating a hedgehog or telling a giant glow worm that it will feel nothing when she stabs it with a painted talon.

Seriously, this woman is madder than a Madagascan monkey and if she thinks that she can hoodwink every smart-ass on the Internet into believing that those thighs are the real deal then her foolish trollopness knows no bounds.

In that picture (above) which Beyonce sent out to her fans via Tumblr earlier today, it’s supposed to show her super slim thighs. But it’s messed up. What it really shows is the horror of incompetence that lurks behind her inability to master Photoshop. I mean look at that step between her legs for example.

That being said if Beyonce wants to airbrush her thighs so badly that she looks like she’s been filtered with a gallon of distemper then that’s entirely up to her.

Yes, fill your boots honey, but seriously now those thighs look like they’ve been lipo’d with a rusty vacuum cleaner.

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