ROYALS: Prince Harry, Cressida Bonas and Sex Tape.

prince Harry,-Cressida Bonas-sex tape-reunited-girlfriend-cinema-kensington palaceCressida Bonas (which is a skin condition in Japan) and Prince Harry made a public appearance together last night when they went to the cinema to watch a film called Sex Tape. There, Prince Harry, Cressida Bonas and Sex Tape all in the same sentence. The search engines are gonna love this.

Anyway, Prince Harry and Cressida Bonas watching Sex Tape together? What I really want to know is did Harry ‘Bonass’ Cressida in the back row? People do that in cinemas you know, really they do. I’ve been refreshing the BBC’s site all morning and I haven’t see any reports of a flooding at a cinema, so it seems that Cressida managed to save her lady place for later in the evening.

The Sun are reporting this one and they’re saying that the pair left the cinema in separate cars – which both drove straight back to Kensington palace. The clever tabloid also found a source who told them “It’s early days for Harry but he knows that she’s the one”

Y’know what? I’m delighted, at least he’s not dating that polystyrene peanut Pippa Middleton.

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