When Harry Met Duchie.

Harry-Styles-meets-princess-kate-royal-varietyThank you, Harry Styles! My job is so much easier when the jokes write themselves – an Egg McMuffin is coming your way.

Harry took his showmance to the Royal Variety Performance in London last night. Upon arrival he stopped briefly to shake hands with a more casually dressed Duchess of Cambridge.

My sources tell me that Duchie Kate simply squealed in delight the moment Harry’s hand touched hers. Later Duchie, who’s as delicate as a newborn ladybird resting on a rose petal, gushed her pleasure to waiting reporters saying, “meeting Harry was the happiest moment in my entire life.”

Yes. I find this a little hard to believe too.

And. I never knew this until today, but I really, really want to live in a castle.

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