Program Update: Sponsored By Three Royals.

Portrait-Prince William-Prince George-Duchess Kate,-Unofficial-royalsI’ll probably get royally executed for posting this but hey ho, onwards and upwards. A photo sharing web-site has released this unofficial portrait of Prince William, Duchess Kate and baby George. Nobody knows where or how the site came by it.

The untitled and autographed photograph shows Duchess Kate looking like she’s about to lick a window and makes the second-in-line to the throne look like he just had a glimpse of Camilla’s G-String after her dress blew up.

Yes, it’s an absolutely stunning picture, all three of them look like they’ve just eaten the dreams of a thousand obese children.

But you know what this picture really needs? A photo-bombing glass of champagne. BOOM!

Anyway on that note, I’m on a quick business trip this week. It means I won’t be around much for the next few days.

While I’m off guzzling Dom Pérignon Rosé and talking up NMi as a viable investment opportunity my part time partner in blogging foolery, Celebrity Shade will be here posting her seeds of devil worship.

I’ll be back full-time next week, that is if I don’t get arrested for scribbling the words “screw you” on some investor’s forehead.

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