There Was No ‘Christmas Bash’ For Mel B.

Mel B-Stephen Belafonte-abuse-denialFor the last few days NMi has been in holiday mode. Our regular schedule of posting irrelevant nonsense now resumes. It begins with that burping hamster, Mel B.

Readers will remember how Melanie appeared on the X-Factor recently without wearing her wedding ring. She also had  cuts and bruises on her arms.

Before the show, Mel B’s sister, Danielle Brown, had tweeted (and later deleted) a dramatic appeal to her sister’s husband Stephen Belafonte. She pleaded with him to tell her what was going on with her sister. She also threatened to EXPOSE him as a violent woman beater. Danielle claimed to have recorded a phone call in which Stephen verbally abused her. Allegedly.

So the tabloids and Twitter did their sums. They took Danielle’s tweets, added them to Mel’s cuts and bruises and then concluded that Stephen had ‘Ike Turnered’ the former Spice girl.

Stephen’s sleazy ass immediately denied it. He took to his Twitter and said that he had never hit his wife. Not ever. He said the suggestions were both disgusting and untrue.

Throughout all of this Melanie has stayed quiet. That is until now. Last night she posted this message to her Instagram:


My favorite part about this news is the comments it’s produced on Twitter today. I’m sure it’s not over yet but for now there you have it,  Melanie Brown, the great unbashed.

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