Why Has The BBC Pulled A Documentary About The Royals?

BBC-Documentary-Royals-Charles-Diana-Lawyers-cancelled-Reinventing the RoyalsThe Radio Times says that the BBC have been forced to pull a documentary about Prince Charles and Princess Diana. It was called ‘Reinventing The Royals.’ The two-part documentary was due to air this Sunday but lawyers who represent Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall got very mean at the BBC so the program had to be shelved.

I mean what?!? Why?

Was it because the BBC were showing clips of that cover (above) which The Globe published back in 2010? Yes, Prince Charles does look like a man who’d love to tickle a chaps testicle, but no he’s not a gay prince! (You know what’s coming…) Prince Harry. I mean, that Chelsy Davie hag was on and off Harry for seven years. Only gay princes get dumped by the same girl so many times.

Was this the reason the BBC pulled the program? No, of course it wasn’t.

What about those two guys who tried to blackmail the Royals back in 2007?  Did the BBC want to air that story again?

You’ll remember how two men allegedly demanded £100,000 for a sex tape involving one of the Royals. The tape was reported to show an aide giving oral sex to a Royal. The men also claimed that the Royal in question rewarded the aide with a bag of coke.

Obviously Scotland Yard set up a sting. The scurrilous pair thought they were going to meet with the private staff of the Royal in question, play them a clip from the tape and then get paid. Instead the dumb-asses got arrested and charged with blackmail.

Was that the reason the Royal lawyers forced Auntie to pull the program? Probably not.

Did the Beeb try to remind us of the time when the former royal reporter Clive Goodman claimed in court that Princess Diana had leaked all the Royals’ private telephone numbers to the press?

At the trial of Paul Burrell in 2002 Goodman claimed that shortly after her marriage to Prince Charles crumbled like a clumsy corgi falling down a flight of stairs, Princess Diana had so much anger raging in her heart that she decided to take revenge on Charles. She leaked the personal numbers of all the senior royals including the Queens!

Damn! She leaked The Queen’s personal phone number? That was crazy, it was insane and I LOVED IT.

But was that the reason the BBC pulled the program? I doubt it.

Okay, maybe the Royal lawyers simply sent the BBC an E-Mail with the header,

“Big Mistake BEEB. HUGE!”

Yeah, that would do it.

P.S. – And yes, it’s a slow news day for me. Just pat me on the head and move along.

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