Shit Happens.

poop-hechiSince I’m already punching the angels that hover in the air outside my office window, I might as well lose it completely and post something totally off the wall.

I’m taking you with me on a journey to the ancient Chinese city of Hechi. If you’re looking for a big pile of lukewarm poop over your head then this is the city for you.

Thinking about poop is the last thing I needed to do today. Anyways, suffer with me. Here’s what happened.

Apparently a septic tanker carrying tons of liquid poop exploded in the middle of a shopping centre in downtown Hechi.

The Daily Star reports.

“SHOPPERS got a nasty surprise when a tanker filled with sewage exploded and showered them in human excrement.”

Apparently all the shops in Herchi are now having to close because they’re covered in stinky mess. However, the company that handles the collection of poop in and around Hechi say they will not be accepting responsibility for this accident as it was an act of God.

Instead the company are telling everyone who’s still covered in shit that the best policy is to take a bath before seeking compensation direct from the vehicle manufacturer.

So there you have it. Please don’t try this at home and please please please don’t laugh at that poor man under the red arrow in the picture above or everyone will think you’re a shitty person….. oh I’ll stop now.

The End.

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