Brexit: David Davis – Disagreement and Frustration!

David Davis Michael Barnier Brexit EULast week, at the end of more than 50 hours of hard negotiating, David Davis made it clear that Britain’s dream Brexit exit might not become a reality.

In a news conference on Thursday, the European Union’s chief negotiator Michel Barnier, appeared deeply frustrated and angry while Brexit secretary David Davis frowned and shook his head at most of Mr Barnier’s comments.

According to Barnier trade talks between the UK and the EU are unlikely to proceed as planned.

The original plan was that serious talks on a trade deal would start in October. However, this was always dependant on the UK demonstrating “sufficient progress” on three preliminary issues. The financial ‘divorce settlement’ – the rights of EU citizens in the UK and Northern Ireland.

Unfortunately party pooper Barnier said that no progress on any of these issues had been made except that of Northern Ireland, where there had been some positive movement. In the press conference he said,

At the current state of progress we are far from saying that ‘sufficient progress’ has taken place.

We did not get any decisive progress on any of the principal subjects even though the Ireland subject was fruitful.

When the news filtered through to the UK press corps, reporters raged and wailed their indignation. Then they tore off all their clothes. Such was their fury a riot seemed likely with demented scribes demanding Michael Barnier’s head on a stick! Fortunately, after Brexit secretary David Davis made his more placatory statement, they all calmed down.

 The Brexit Dream

Last week’s press conference was the same old song and dance from both sides of the negotiating table. It was like one side wanted to force gay people to get married in front of a flaming stack of Bibles while the other side wanted Britain’s working class to suffer a slow and painful death.

But which side is which? Who cares? Neither side are going to fix the student loan crisis or stop chatty bike riders throwing intellectual assaults at car drivers.  

However both sides still appeal to the nasty feral xenophobia that led us to Brexit in the first place.

So what’s become of our glorious vision of Brexit? We don’t know because we haven’t been told what it is. David Davis continues to assure us it will be glorious. Even if we end up with no deal at all, it will still be glorious.

And we must believe him even though we have no idea how glorious it will be. You simply can’t believe a word of any of it.

However, one thing I do believe is that we are now a fawning press conference away from all things counterculture because Barnier and Davis have a lot in common. Their  credibility is waning, their logic rambling and neither could spot an elephant in a cupboard.

No, you’d never hit the Like button on Facebook for either of them.

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